4 Steps to Clean Your Gutters

Cleaning Your Gutters Gutters are an essential component of a home because they protect your property from water damage. Keeping your gutters clean is essential for both safety and aesthetics. It’s important to clean your gutters regularly to keep them free of debris and blockages. Here are some easy steps you can follow, so you […]

5 Places Water Damage Occurs

Water damage is not always easy to spot right away. This is why it is important to know which areas of the house are at a higher risk for water damage. By monitoring these areas, you are more likely to catch a problem right when it starts. Here are 5 common places water damage occurs. […]

5 Ways to Add Value to Your Home

Homeowners are often looking for ways to upgrade their homes. If you are getting your home ready to sell, here are some projects that will appeal to buyers and add value to your home. Here are 5 projects that have a strong return on investment. Minor Kitchen Remodel The kitchen is one of the most […]

5 Easy Ways to Maintain Your Mattress

A quality mattress is a pricey investment, but worth it. We spend about a third of our lives sleeping. By properly caring for your bedding, you increase its longevity and prevent the mattress from becoming full of dust mites, allergens, and dirt. Here are a few ways to maintain your mattress and keep comfortable so […]

Inexpensive Ways to Improve Curb Appeal

When you put your home on the market, your real estate agent likely gave you a checklist of things to do to prepare your property. If you improve curb appeal, you’ll attract more potential buyers. Making improvements doesn’t have to be costly. Here are a few inexpensive ways to help your home make a good […]

8 Ways to Save Energy in the Summer

Power bills increase in the summer due to the high cost of running the air conditioner. Here are a few ways to save energy in the summer. You’ll save money on cooling costs even during the hottest days of the year. Smart Ways to Save Energy in the Summer 1. Raise the Temperature on the […]

Home Swimming Pool Maintenance

Swimming pools are a great place to relax with family and friends during the summer months. Proper swimming pool maintenance to keep the water safe for swimmers requires work. However, caring for a pool is easy once you learn the basics. Pump and Pool Filter Maintenance The pump keeps the water circulating in the pool […]

Signs of Termites in the Home

Early Detection of Pests is Key Termites are rarely detectable to the untrained eye. For this reason, termites often go unnoticed for years. By knowing the signs and calling a professional inspector, homeowners can avoid costly property damage from termites in the home. Damaged Wood Can Indicate Termites in the Home Termites do not make […]

5 Ways to Reduce Humidity in the Home

High humidity levels can cause a number of problems in the home. Humidity encourages mold and mildew growth, which can lead to odors, structural damage, and health issues. Insects like termites are drawn to damp environments and humidity can damage upholstery and appliances. To prevent these problems, here are 5 tips to reduce humidity in […]

Ways to Prepare Your Home for Hurricane Season

With the summer coming to an end and hurricane season upon us, you might be thinking about ways to protect your home and family during a storm. Take steps to prepare your home for hurricane season so that you’re ready for fall’s stormy weather. Prepare Your Home for Hurricane by Improving Your Windows To prepare […]