With the summer coming to an end and hurricane season upon us, you might be thinking about ways to protect your home and family during a storm. Take steps to prepare your home for hurricane season so that you’re ready for fall’s stormy weather.

Prepare Your Home for Hurricane by Improving Your Windows

To prepare your home for bad weather, install hurricane windows. There are many brands to chose from, but basically, all good hurricane-proof windows won’t shatter in a storm. One of the dangerous aspects of hurricanes is wind-borne debris. Hurricane windows are designed to absorb impact and, if they break, will not break into pieces. Hurricane windows are pricey, but they are an important first line of defense against a storm.

Storm shutters, a less expensive alternative, serve as a barrier between your home and the hurricane. They reduce the likelihood that flying debris will damage your windows.

Clean Up the Yard

When preparing your home for hurricane season, it is important to clean up your property. Bring inside anything that the wind might use as a projectile during a storm. Patio furniture, children’s toys, hammocks, and anything not firmly anchored into the ground poses a threat to your house in 100+ mph winds.

Sandbags are Useful to Prepare Your Home

Almost as important as strong windows is a good supply of sandbags. Hurricanes bring powerful winds and torrential rain, but the storm surge is also a dangerous part of these superstorms. Even areas miles inland can be subject to flooding, so have a stockpile of sandbags to help keep the water out. Often sandbags are sold (or given away) at local shelters or home improvement stores in your area, especially if hurricanes are a common occurrence.

Stock Your Emergency Kit

After preparing your home for flying debris and the storm surge, make sure you and your family have a stash of emergency supplies. Non-perishable food, water, and a first aid kit are important, followed by a light source – flashlights (and batteries), candles, or lanterns. If it is within your budget, purchase a gas generator. You will be able to serve hot meals and keep the lights on.

Also, know your evacuation route should you need to leave the area. While you’ll do your best to prepare your home for hurricane season, there may be a situation where you have to leave your house and evacuate the area.

Hire a Home Wind Mitigation Inspector

Hire a home inspector to perform a wind mitigation inspection. Your inspector will offer advice on how to better prepare your home for severe weather. Wind mitigation professionals are trained to examine your house inside and out. They will determine if there are weak points susceptible to wind and storm damage. If they find any problems, an inspector will give you tips on how to reinforce your home to reduce the amount of damage during a strong wind event.

Properly Inspected Home Inspection Services offers wind mitigation inspections in the Tampa Bay area. Contact us to request our services.