High humidity levels can cause a number of problems in the home. Humidity encourages mold and mildew growth, which can lead to odors, structural damage, and health issues. Insects like termites are drawn to damp environments and humidity can damage upholstery and appliances. To prevent these problems, here are 5 tips to reduce humidity in the home.

Fans Help to Reduce Humidity Levels in the Home

Good ventilation in the home helps to reduce humidity levels and excess moisture. Bathroom fans are critical to removing moisture in the air after showers and baths. Your laundry room should also have a fan to disperse the moisture that builds up from washing and drying clothes. A ventilation fan in your basement will help remove the lingering dampness that tends to accumulate. Always use ventilation fans in kitchens, bathrooms, and other areas.

Get Your Plumbing Inspected

Check your plumbing system for leaks, even small ones. These may be leaks underneath sinks, behind walls, or around appliances. Standing water from a leak evaporates into the air and increases humidity.

Improve Your Home’s Caulking and Weatherstripping

Humidity from outdoor air can creep into your home’s interior, resulting in a hot, sticky environment that’s perfect for mold growth. Caulk and weatherstrip around doors and windows to keep humidity outside.

Invest in a Dehumidifier

Many types of dehumidifiers are on the market to lower humidity in the home. An inexpensive portable dehumidifier can be moved around to different rooms where humidity is high. Whole-house dehumidifiers that connect to your HVAC system are also available for homes that have high humidity levels.

Run Your Heating or Air Conditioning Unit to Reduce Humidity Levels in the Home

Your HVAC system helps to keep your home cool and dry. Running your HVAC will help remove accumulated moisture from indoor air. In warm weather, run your air conditioning to help reduce humidity in the home. When warm moist air hits the cold evaporator coil of your unit, the liquid is condensed out of the air in a drain and then directed outside the home.

Humidity makes your home uncomfortable and can damage your home and affect your health. Apply the appropriate remedies to reduce your home’s humidity levels.

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