Swimming pools are a great place to relax with family and friends during the summer months. Proper swimming pool maintenance to keep the water safe for swimmers requires work. However, caring for a pool is easy once you learn the basics.

Pump and Pool Filter Maintenance

The pump keeps the water circulating in the pool so it doesn’t become stagnant. As the water circulates, it also goes through a filter to remove dirt and debris. The filter should be cleaned regularly to keep it functioning properly. Be sure to replace your filter cartridge every 1 to 2 years.

The pool pump shouldn’t require much maintenance unless it’s not working correctly. Keep the area around the pump clear so air can circulate and make sure the pump seals are intact to prevent leaks.

Keeping The Water Clean

While the pump and filter do a lot to keep the water clean, you should also regularly skim the pool with a net to remove any leaves, insects, and twigs. This will keep the larger debris out of the filter and help it run more efficiently. Also, don’t forget to sweep the bottom of the pool where debris can settle. There are special brushes to do this or use a pool vacuum.

Chlorine and pH Levels

Chlorine helps to keep the water safe from bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants. However, if there is too much chlorine, it can cause skin irritation.

The pH level is important because it affects how well the chlorine works. The pH level should be between 7.2 and 7.8, with lower numbers indicating higher acidity. Things like pool usage, rainfall, and water temperature affect your pool’s pH levels. This is why it’s important to measure your levels regularly, at least a few times per week.

If you notice the pH level is off, use the proper chemicals to bring it back within an acceptable range.

Pool Maintenance: An Ongoing Task

Swimming pool maintenance needs to be ongoing throughout the pool season to keep the water safe for swimmers. Set a schedule for testing pH levels, removing debris, adding chemicals as needed, and cleaning the filter.

If you’re a first-time pool owner, there are experts who can teach you how to properly maintain your pool. Home swimming pool maintenance is a commitment, but one that pays off with hours of fun in the sun.

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