Each year, parts of the United States experience damage from heavy winds. While you can’t prevent storms, you can prepare your home to minimize wind damage. Here are some of the ways you can benefit from a professional wind mitigation inspection.

A Wind Mitigation Inspection Identifies Vulnerable Areas of Your Home

This type of inspection can reveal vulnerable areas so you know where to focus when preparing your home for a storm. Weak doors and loose roof tiles are some examples of areas that may need attention. It’s a good idea to order this type of inspection service many months before hurricane season so you will have time to hire contractors or fix any issues yourself.

Savings on Homeowner’s Insurance

If you have a wind mitigation inspection performed on your home, you may qualify for reduced insurance premiums. Some homeowners have seen up to 40% savings on their insurance premiums. You may also be rewarded by insurance companies for installing wind mitigation features in your home.

A Wind Mitigation Inspection Can Help Your Entire Neighborhood

By reinforcing and protecting your own home, you can help your neighbors’ homes escape damage. Since your home has been prepared for wind damage, it’s less likely that debris will fly off of your home and cause damage to neighboring properties.

Storm Aftermath is Easier to Deal With

After a severe storm, you’ll need to clean up debris and make repairs, and it may make sense to hire a professional to tackle the mess. If your home has been inspected and well-prepared for strong winds, dealing with the aftermath will require less effort and money.

Ordering a wind mitigation inspection helps keep your family safe, lowers your insurance costs, and can reduce storm damage to your property.

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