As you prepare to sell your home, you clean the property, improve curb appeal, and make repairs. Before spending your home improvement budget, order a pre-listing inspection to learn what your top priorities should be.

What is a Pre-Listing Inspection?

A pre-listing home inspection is a complete assessment of the condition of your property. The inspector will examine the home’s systems and components. He or she will provide a report detailing the findings.

Understand Where Repairs Are Needed With a Pre-Listing Inspection

A pre-listing inspection provides you with specifics about your home. The report will describe components that are damaged, aging, and functioning poorly. It will also assess cosmetic aspects of the home. You can decide what items you want to repair before listing the house for sale, based on a professional opinion.

Determine a Fair Price for Your Home

When you have an accurate idea of your home’s condition, it helps you and your real estate agent set a reasonable selling price. You can make improvements and pay for them with a higher asking price or set the price for the home as-is.

Earn Buyers’ Trust With a Pre-Listing Inspection

A homebuyer will find your inspection report helpful when placing an offer. If you choose to share the pre-listing inspection report with a potential buyer, it may result in a higher offer. You’ll seem more trustworthy to a buyer and he or she will be less likely to negotiate later. With an inspection report in hand, the buyer may even choose to forego ordering their own inspection, saving everyone time in the closing process.

Avoid Surprises

When a home is under contract, the buyer will usually order a home inspection.  Any serious defects or safety issues found will likely lead to negotiations, which delay the closing. If you order an inspection before listing your property, you will already be well-informed about the condition. You’ll set a fair price and be more prepared for any negotiations that may stem from the buyer’s inspection findings.

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