A garage often serves as a catch-all storage area for many miscellaneous items. With the right combination of features and some effort, you can organize your garage and enjoy the benefits of clean, usable storage space.

Before You Organize Your Garage

Before you invest in any organizational features or systems for your garage, clean out all unnecessary items. Relocate things that do not belong in the space and sell or donate items that you don’t need. As you sort through everything in the garage, organize similar items together. This will help you to determine the best features to invest in when you organize your garage. Here are some of the features often found in well-organized garages.

Pegboards Organize Smaller Items

Many of us have small items that need to be stored in our garage. Tools, extension cords, and gardening accessories can be hung from pegboards or other types of exposed organizational systems. A pegboard might span the entire length of a garage wall, or several smaller pegboards can be installed in areas that work best for your organizational needs.

Racks and Shelves Help Organize Your Garage

While pegboards are ideal for organizing smaller items, racks and shelves are great for larger items. For example, you can use storage bins to organize camping supplies, sports equipment, toys, or car cleaning supplies. Racks and shelves will keep these bins organized and in good condition. Buy clear bins and label them so that you can easily find what you need.

Garage Cabinetry

Pegboards, shelves, and racks may be all that you need to organize your garage. If you want additional storage space, install cabinets. These systems are easily customized using do-it-yourself features sold in local hardware stores. You can also have cabinets built by a carpenter that are custom fit to your space.

Overhead Storage

Many homeowners use the overhead space in their garage for additional storage. Pulley-operated platforms can be installed overhead to provide storage above your parked car. These platforms hold storage bins and items that you don’t need to access regularly. Make sure that they are properly and securely installed before loading the platforms with items.

After cleaning out unnecessary junk, incorporate these garage storage solutions to give your belongings a dedicated place of their own.

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