Building a new home is exciting. You spend months working with your builder on your floor plan, choosing unique features, and picking out materials to make the house your home. Most builders provide a one-year warranty on their construction. Protect your investment when you order a warranty inspection in the 11th month before the warranty expires.

Order an 11th-Month Warranty Inspection

It’s important to order a warranty inspection approximately 11 months after you close on your new home. Since the builder’s warranty is for one year, this gives you time to file claims and request necessary repairs before the warranty period ends.

Your inspector will examine the property for problems and safety hazards that might have developed during the first months of occupancy. They will inspect the roof and attic to look for unusual wear and tear of the roofing materials, leaks, or problems with the insulation.

The inspector will check the foundation and structure of the house, looking for any cracks or settling that may have occurred. He or she will examine the windows to make sure they function properly and are well-sealed.

All of the mechanical components will be inspected, including the furnace, air conditioner, water heater, plumbing, and electrical systems. After your home inspection, the inspector will provide a detailed report of his or her findings.

Take Advantage of the Builder’s One-Year Warranty

After you have your warranty inspection, schedule a walkthrough with your builder. Show your builder the inspection report and ask for any problems or safety issues to be repaired that are covered by the one-year warranty.

Save Money Now and in the Future

You’ll save money by having defective and hazardous items repaired as part of the warranty. Some of these issues might be small now but could cause more serious problems later.

Order a Warranty Inspection for Peace of Mind

Hire an inspector for a builder’s warranty inspection to save time and stress. You will save time by having a professional look for issues for you. Without an inspection, you won’t find everything that needs attention. A professional inspector will complete a thorough inspection, giving you the peace of mind that all problems and safety concerns were identified.

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