When you’re purchasing a newly built home, you expect it to be in perfect shape. No one has lived there previously and you won’t have to deal with wear and tear from the former owners. While it may seem unnecessary to order an inspection of the new home, mistakes can be made even in a brand new house. Here are a few reasons to order a home inspection on new construction.

Save Money with an Inspection on New Construction

Most builders offer a warranty that covers your home for the first 12 months after closing. Save yourself from living in a work zone by having your builder make any needed repairs before your move-in date.

Your contractor will hire sub-contractors to complete different work when building your home. There will be a crew who lays the foundation and workers who build the frame. Another team will install the flooring and a different group will hang the drywall. Painters, roofers, plumbers, and electricians all have a hand in building your house.

Inferior or defective materials may be used or shortcuts might be taken when a team is in a hurry to meet a deadline. Hire a professional inspector to examine the property. He or she will create a report listing any defects, problems, or safety concerns. Using the information provided by your inspector, talk with your builder about making repairs before closing.

Make Sure the Home is Move-In Ready

You hope the house is ready to move into so you can unpack your belongings and begin living in your new home, but even small problems can be annoying and interrupt your daily life. If the plumber carelessly reversed the hot and cold taps, you will have to deal with it every day.

Problems such as this are minor but affect your quality of life in the home. Other issues such as inadequate insulation for the local climate can cause higher-than-expected utility bills. If the landscaping company did a poor job with the grading and drainage on the property, you may be dealing with water pooling in the yard and your brand new basement could flood with every heavy rain.

Your home inspector will examine the components and systems of the home to verify the property is ready for occupancy. Even if no major issues are found, the inspection will give you peace of mind that everything is in good working order in your newly built home.

Prepare for a Future Sale

You are finally moving into your brand new house and probably are not planning on selling the property anytime soon. However, an inspection on new construction will better prepare you for a future sale.

At the time of the sale, the buyer will order an inspection. Any problems or concerns will be your responsibility to fix, even issues that date back to the original build. When you order an inspection before you move in, you will know about any problems with your property. Have the builder make repairs so that your new home is in the best possible condition.

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