If you notice a few ants in your house, there are probably many more of these unwanted insects nearby. Ants are attracted by food. They leave their colony in search of food and once they find it, they will lead other ants to your home. Here are a few tips to help you get rid of ants.

Keep a Clean Home

Start by looking for things in the home that may be attracting the insects. Ants love to eat protein and sugar. If you leave such foods out, scouts will find them. These scouts then carry some back to the colony to inform the ants of a new food source.

The solution is to keep your home clean. Make sure you don’t leave soda, maple syrup, honey, or other sweet items out. Use airtight containers to store food in the kitchen. Thoroughly clean any spills and crumbs immediately.

Get Rid of Ants By Setting Traps

Place baited traps throughout the areas where you see ants. Some bait brands are more effective with certain types of ants. It’s not unusual to have to try a few different brands until you discover the right one that works for your ant problem. Traps will help to get rid of ants because the baits contain a sugary poison. Some ants will die immediately, while others will carry this poisonous bait back to the rest of the colony.

Remove Rotted Wood to Get Rid of Ants

Inspect your property for wet and damp areas if you notice ants. Ants love to make their home in moist places. It’s possible that a water leak has attracted an ant colony. Fix leaks and remove and replace all wood that has been damaged by the water. If you have an outside deck, inspect it for any signs of rotting wood where ants may have decided to nest.

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