Drones are becoming more widely-used in home inspections, for good reason. There are many benefits of hiring an inspector who uses drone technology to produce a more accurate and complete inspection report.

More Accurate and In-Depth Data

Drones can collect more useful and accurate data by flying close to a roof and taking photos. These devices are able to capture more information than someone on the roof who can’t reach all the angles and areas. An inspector on the roof has limitations because of safety.

Using Drones in Home Inspections Gets the Job Done Faster

Drones shorten the amount of time that an inspector has to take inspecting the roof. Since you will be present at the inspection as the homebuyer, you will appreciate this time-saving method. The need to mount equipment and climb onto the roof is eliminated. An inspector using a drone can start the inspection immediately upon arriving on the site and finish sooner than when using conventional techniques.

Drones in Home Inspections Provide a View of the Entire Property

If the inspector you have hired uses an aerial drone in home inspections, he or she can provide you with an aerial overview of the entire property. You can see trees, outbuildings, and other features of the property from above, which can be helpful for knowing what you are buying.

Get a Complete Inspection

Home inspectors are only required to inspect roofs if they are safe and accessible. The roof may be unsafe because of the weather, the slope, or its condition. In this case, the roof may be left out of the inspection altogether. As a homebuyer, you need to know what shape the roof is in before you commit. Make sure the roof is included in the inspection by hiring an inspector who uses an aerial drone.

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