7 Important Questions to Ask Your Home Inspector

The purchase of a home is one of the biggest financial decisions you will ever make and, of course, you want that decision to be a well informed and backed by data and information. When it comes time to choose and hire a home inspector, there are a number of questions you’ll want to ask. […]

Walk-Through Tips for Home Buyers

Many buyers mistakenly use the final walk-through as a means to get one last look at their dream home before they move in. They start planning where furniture will be arranged and which room will be used for which purpose. However, the final walk-through is your last chance to make sure everything is in working condition. Here […]

6 Reasons To Get A Home Inspection

A home inspector puts your interests first. An independent home inspector works for you and puts your best interest first when buying a home. You do not want an inspector pushed on you by your realtor (such inspectors work more for realtor referrals than homebuyers). Realtors want the deal to go through smoothly so they […]

Can Your Kitchen Pass a Home Inspection?

In most homes, family and guests seem to gravitate to the kitchen, which is why a home inspector may spend a lot of time there, checking things out. An inspector will look at appliances, which are considered built-in: oven; range; dishwasher; trash compactor, range hood; or any piece of equipment attached to the cabinet. This means that […]

Home Inspection Nightmares

It can be heartbreaking when a home inspector finds major flaws in your dream home. While it’s typical to find minor issues, there are major concerns that should warn you to proceed with caution or walk away from the house completely. Anything to do with asbestos. Many homes built before 1989 contain this hazardous material if the […]

Know Your Options for Inspection Problems

Before any home inspection takes place, remember that all homes will have some problems. Even new construction homes receive write-ups on an inspection report. The purpose of the report is to inform you of the condition of your home. Knowing the existence of condition concerns, you can now evaluate the costs and determine what options […]